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Bespoke craft a fine jewelry engagement ring 

Materials rose gold, antique rose color sapphire, diamonds

Brief source an antique rose 4ct sapphire suitable for the design and hand craft a traditional basket ring 

January 2013

Just a basket ring, so to speak.
To make this kind of ring by hand is a technical challenge to even the most skilled jeweller. There is a precise order and skill in soldering dozens of tiny elements together that will finally compose the delicate prongs into a perfect flower shape, ready to set the diamonds and sapphire.

This particular client sent us a photo of a similar ring he had spotted in a boutique in London. His wish was to have the ring made bespoke in Italy. His idea was to propose to his fiancee on a romantic holiday in Como, and part of the romance was a surprise visit to our atelier and find the ring ‘ready’.

He actually lived oversees, and sourced our atelier online, so there was a good deal of emailing before finally committing and settling on the size of the sapphire and fine tuning the time scale. The lucky lady was suitably wooed, the ring fitted perfectly and she said yes. We made the wedding rings the following year!

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