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Showcasing a selection of the jewelry that we design and craft in our atelier RocaWood, Como
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Almost all the designs can be commissioned in different materials or with different gems. These sculpted three dimensional designs span almost three decades. We have hundreds of shapes in our archive, patiently waiting for their moment!

These jewelry are not collections in the proper sense, rather families of jewelry that evolve and grow over the years. Our approach to design is emotional and intimate. Often the design is simply informed by the gem or pearl in question. Materials inform form and form follows function and the inspiration can be multi fold and varied..
It is always a creative response to something that has touched us in our every day lives: a conversation, a piece of music, a phrase or a twig on a bush.
Anything will do!
This jewelry is the fleshing out of an emotion, translating a ‘feeling’ into a sculpted form.

I rarely draw the designs on paper first, but often draw the jewelry afterwards to explore a shape that has manifested itself. 
The jewels are sculpted directly in the carving wax specific for jewelry making, and then cast using the lost wax process. The wax shape becomes immersed in plaster and molten metal is injected, melting the wax and filling the exact shape the wax previously occupied.
These works are fruit of a visceral, intuitive approach, more artist than designer.

Ebb & flow
I grew up on a tidal estuary on the North sea between Liverpool and Wales.
I suppose everything I know about proportion and beauty has been informed by the beach combing days of my childhood.
Ebb & Flow because the tide transformed everything twice a day, sculpting the sand and rocks beyond beauty and reason. 

Seeing Claude Monet's masterworks, the Nymphéas (Water Lilies), for the first time changed my perception of colour and light forever.
The Ninfee collection is celebration of palette and hues, a humble hat tip to those pioneers of color.

Pearl collection
I started my career as a designer with a brand specialising in Australian South sea pearls.
Their beauty and potential grew on me slowly, a slow, seeping complicity.
I can best explain the jewelry in this collection as a quiet, intimate dialogue with the perfect shape and weight of a pearl.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Like taking a swim in the sea on the first day of a long anticipated holiday or feeling the elusive warmth of the winter sun. A simple, sensual pleasure that surprises and enchants every time. 

A diamond in itself is a geological miracle: carbon atoms deep under the earths mantle are pushed to the earths surface during volcanic eruptions, or collisions millions of years ago with meteorites colliding with the earths surface.
Either way, pretty awe inspiring.
As a designer I am very aware that jewelry with diamonds often carries a specific expectation and intention different than other jewelry. The design here is essential, almost archaic.

Bud collection is a celebration of color and springtime.
Originally inspired by the unpredictable and unrepeatable tourmaline cabochon stones, these fluid, organic shapes nestle together or alone. No two gems are the same: shape and color must be negotiated one at a time.
Over time we have introduced other stones: amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine.. but the spirit of Buds will always be tourmaline!

These pieces are mostly in silver, with some precious special editions.

We both have a passion for gems and stones.
These big rutilated gems with inclusions are begging to have big, bold, unique settings.
These stones find us: at a trade fair, a curious gemologist who happens on our atelier, a chance sighting on internet.
We acquire the stones when they present themselves and mount them when we have time to a few days off radar, having some fun sculpting.
In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother of all life, the primal mother earth goddess.

'What comes from the heart, goes to the heart' (Samuel Taylor Coleridge).
Cor collection is for hearts and courage and love.
To my own surprise, I never tire of designing heart jewelry.
I could doodle hearts to infinity.
Hearts are timeless and romantic, a reminder of what jewelry stands for.
I love the idea of hiding the heart shape, so it becomes a secret complicit message.



Enigmatic pearl perfection.