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Brief creation of necklace in white gold and colorful gemstones to celebrate important milestone
Materials 18kt white gold, aquamarine, purple spinel drop, deep blue tourmaline, black diamond and mint green tourmaline.



pietre colorate

This is a special bespoke project from 2018.The idea was to create an essential, minimal necklace in white gold with gemstones as a special gift to celebrate an important milestone event.

The first step was to select the gems from our gem boxes. It can seem a daunting choice in the beginning, so many different shades of color and cuts. However there is unexplainable and intuitive momentum whilst staring into a box full of gems: some ‘call’ us and others don’t. Its similar to when you go beach combing and some pebbles catch your eye more than others.

In this case the choice fell on a rectangular cut aquamarine, a pale purple spinel drop, an emerald cut deep blue tourmaline, a round rose cut black diamond and an irregular cut mint green tourmaline.

The griff stone settings are individually shaped to fit each gem, and then fixed with attention along the chain, balancing the way they fall by raising or lowering the point of fixture.

Alina is a photographer, her work is full of joy and emotion and well worth a visit:

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