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Brief create a giant oversized ring with rutil quartz stone
Materials black silver, rose gold, client's gem
Design custom made design, unique piece


scultura in cera persa per anello grande in argento con quarzo rutilato

This was one of my favorite projects 2020.
Favorite for the pure enthusiasm with which it was commissioned and favorite for the final ring, so bold and fearless.The starting point was a giant rutile quartz that the client had acquired years ago and wanted to mount as a ring.

Initially I was perplexed, the sheer weight of the stone would make it a complicated wear. We toyed with different design solutions, and settled on black silver with giant rose gold griff setting. We made the body of the ring as light as possible, shaping negative spaces wherever possible.

Studio per realizzare anello grande in argento con quarzo rutilato
Custom made big ring in silver with quartz stone with loose stones to mount

Most importantly, the internal shape is slightly oval, so you twist the ring onto your finger to increase stability. I love the sculptural feel to the final ring, and the V shape that reveals the belly of the stone. It is a feature we often integrate into the ring designs. When form follows function, it’s doubly satisfying.

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