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Knots and Bolts

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Brief: translation from a hand drawn sketch done by the client into a fine jewelry ring.
Materials: white 18kt gold, 0,40 ct diamonds, single 16 mm South Sea pearl.

Australian South Sea pearls are a personal favourite.

So when a lovely lady client of ours brought us back a giant 16 mm single pearl to set from her recent holidays in Australia, I had an immediate idea of what to propose.

Only she had her own particular take on the ring she had in mind: knots and bolts, something mechanical, structured, geometrical. Something ‘manly’.

It’s always fun when a client proposes an unexpected mood for a piece and then I immediately get to work, translating that feeling into hands-on design.

I love the end result, and the clear, determined crafting that goes into making a piece like this.

White gold is tough, harder tan the other gold alloys, and to shape structured thick sheet gold like this is technically challenging and rewarding.

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