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Heritage restyling, 2019

 design define a statement ring with a large Tahitian pearl

Materials rose gold, diamonds and heritage Tahitian pearl

This multiple restyling commission came from a very special client whom I first met over 20 years ago. She owns one of the very first pieces of jewelry I ever made, acquired in 1996. I remember her vividly, and the high emotional value of the moment and the significance given to the ring in question. Lovely that she came back to me after all these years!

The first step was to unmount and evaluate the gems and pearls. We discussed at length which stones were priority: some for their associations to a special memory or person, others for the joy and potential of what they could become, others discarded for later thought.

The first piece we settled on was a Hidden heart ring in rose gold to restyle a large Tahitian pearl. We decided to add a delicate pavé border of diamonds around the pearl. I would normally use a smaller pearl size, but I love the final effect of this oversized, almost pear shaped Tahitian pearl, and it suited her perfectly!

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