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Bespoke commission, 2018 

Materials hammered silver, single diamond 0,03ct

Brief simple, understated engagement ring, lightweight budget using typography printing blocks as an inspiration

If jewelry tells tales, the narrative is central. A young man meets and falls in love with a young lady at a book fair. Both passionate about literature, with a shy ambition to become writers. When he decides to ask her hand, it is natural for him to reference the antique typo blocks they collect to engrave their initials.

We can't use the letters directly because they are in lead and could risk allergy issues, but we sighted on using them to print the letters on a simple ring in silver, with a hammered surface suggesting the passage of time.

As engagement rings are often conceived around the idea of a diamond, and although we were distant from the idea of a traditional engagement ring, we fell on the idea of setting a tiny diamond between the letters, almost imperceivable, just enough to reference the eternity that diamonds represent. 

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