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Brief design and create a unique bracelet in yellow gold for 70th birthday present
Materials yellow 18ct gold, 0,70ct diamonds
Design custom made design, unique piece

This bracelet was commissioned ‘long distance’. The initial brief was to create a unique bracelet to celebrate a mother’s 70th birthday. We settled on the Roman numerals LXX as a subtle reference to 70. We wanted to keep the design as sleek and elegant as possible whilst investing it with the specialness of being made bespoke. The bracelet is structured with 7 diamonds 0,10ct each, for a total of 0,70ct to double reference the 70th birthday.

I love the process of ‘distillation’ whilst working on commissioned pieces. You hit on an initial pleasing concept and then take away as much as possible until you are left with the essence of the original. I believe the design of a commissioned piece should almost have an invisible hand, the lightest touch possible to convey the intention. It’s about you, not us.

The care of this thank you letter is the kind of attention that makes it all worth while.

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