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Commissions & Restyling

Here we tell the stories and give insight into the creative process behind the bespoke commissions we make. Our sartorial approach to create a unique personalised piece of jewelry is an exciting and emotional journey. The joy of receiving or giving a jewel that you in part have ‘designed’ is priceless.
Restyling old family jewelry is a fantastic way to create new heirlooms with real meaning. We design and craft bespoke commissions taking our lead from your request or idea. Jewelry is an emotional talisman that tells and safeguards our narrative. What a fantastic way to bridge past and future!

Keep reading to discover how it works!

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Our role in the process is delicate and incisive, requiring a concentrate of all our skills as designers and jewelers. We absolutely follow your lead. 

As you can see from the stories, the style and aesthetics vary greatly depending on the brief.
First and foremost we must listen carefully, and where appropriate read between the lines to be sure that we fully understand your specific intention regarding the commission. Our mission is to translate your wishes into a beautiful piece of jewelry. It’s worth taking some extra time in the beginning to tease out different solutions. If you have an idea, feel free to bring us some images or photos of what you have in mind.
The more ‘clues’ you give us, the better.

In the case of restyling old jewelry we can analyze together the possible elements or gem stones that you wish to keep and modernize. We will then provide some quick sketches and a range of approximate quotes to understand in which direction to proceed with materials and craftsmanship.
The initial consultation and sketches are non binding.
If you don’t proceed with the commission, they remain in our archive for our future reference.
If you do decide to proceed, we require a non refundable deposit payment that we establish according to the piece in question.

We proceed to design a proposal, or various proposals if appropriate, in the form of detailed sketches to verify that we have correctly interpreted your intentions.
Once the design concept is fine tuned and approved, we provide a specific quote and time line for delivery.

Be sure to book an appointment to discuss this kind of commission.
Looking forward to meeting you! 

collana in oro bianco con pietre colorate

Commission | Creation of necklace in white gold with colorful gemstones 

Restyling | Reproduce two single rings from an original Art Deco ring with two emeralds

Restyling | restyling recycled tourmaline and acquamarine gems

Commission | design and create a unique bracelet in yellow gold for 70th birthday present

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