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Wedding ring collections

All of our wedding rings are made to measure and can be customized in shape, size and materials.

Please feel free to enquire for a personalized, non binding quote.

We have years of experience in assisting and guiding you in your choice.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Shapes and proportions

Define the design and the proportions of your wedding rings. All of our wedding rings are original exclusive designs handcrafted in our atelier, and may therefore be modified to suit your taste.

2 ·

Metal type

Choose the color and title of gold used to make your wedding rings.
We house a selection of samples to facilitate your choice.

3 ·

Surface finish

Consider the various options for the surface finish. 
Brushed, polished, engraved, hammered, scratched, rodiated black..

4 ·

Engraving and stone set

Decide if you wish to engrave inside the band (keep it short!).
We do many diamond set wedding rings, and although this is the last step it is best decided in the early stages.

How does it work?

These are the four main steps to consider whilst choosing your wedding rings.
We recommend that you reserve a special, quiet moment in your schedule to explore the perfect wedding rings for you, your partner and your lifetime commitment to each other.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you orient yourselves in the fine tuning of having custom made wedding rings made in our atelier.


Can the designs in the gallery be modified?

Yes. Every wedding ring is made to measure on our premises, so tweaking at proportions or overlapping details is perhaps the biggest PLUS to making your wedding rings at RocaWood. Flatter, thinner, wider, more or less tapered.. fine jewelry is the sum of minute proportions and we are experienced in translating your specific needs or requests into perfectly crafted wedding rings.

Can any design be made in any material?
Mostly yes. The very thin designs are best in white gold or platinum because these metals are more resistant. We will advise where applicable if there are technical considerations to be considered.

Do we need to book an appointment to choose our wedding rings?
It’s preferable! Like that we can reserve a quiet time dedicated to you and your choice.
Feel free to drop if you prefer but bear in mind that if if it’s a busy day we may be tied up with other commitments and may not be able to spend the necessary time assisting your choice.

Do you have samples of all the designs in all the different materials?
No. We do have over 40 samples in the atelier to help you get a clear idea of the designs and materials available, and with our guidance, this is nearly always sufficient.
In the case it’s not, we can discuss various solutions to be sure to be on the right track before fully committing to the final wedding bands.

Do the wedding rings have to be the same design?
No. We have often made two different designs for the pair of wedding rings, it’s absolutely your call. Personally, I always try to find a complicit detail that unites the rings, even if only symbolically. But it is in no way obligatory.

Are the quotes definitive?
The quotes are always intended as maximum quotes. They will never cost more than the initial quote, unless we modify materials or proportions during the process.
Getting a quote is by no means binding.

Are the quotes for both rings?

We love the idea of having custom made wedding rings but are having difficulty in imagining the finished piece.
We totally understand, and despite all our efforts we appreciate it is sometimes difficult to take the plunge and commit before testing the final shapes when not readily available as samples.
The solution is to have sample shapes made in silver. 

Can we make samples in silver for any of the designs?
Yes! Bear in mind the extra cost to the quote.

What is the extra cost for making samples in silver?
The cost is 150€ if you proceed with the commission, 400€ if you decide to not proceed.
In both case you get to keep the samples.
We ask for the full 400€ deposit to begin working on the samples.
In the case that you proceed the extra 250€ will be deducted from the final quote on delivery.
This is a great solution for our overseas couples who don’t have the same possibility to pop in and out for fittings.
Shipping is at the expense of the client and we will quote costs according to location.
We will need the approved samples in silver in our atelier during the making of the definitive wedding rings.
Allow for extra 2-4 weeks for this process.

Ok! We have decided! How do we proceed?
Great! Once you have approved the quote, we will provide you of a detailed resume of you chosen design, materials, sizes and time line. We ask for a deposit payment of 30% to proceed with the commission, the balance is on delivery.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?
That depends on the design you choose. Let’s say it is an average of 4 weeks, but we will discuss and establish a timeline that suits you.

Do you ship?
Yes! Contact us directly if you are outside of the EU and we will provide specific shipping terms depending on your location.
Within the EU we use DHL overnight shipping and the cost is a flat rate of 30€ regardless of you location.

What if we don’t like the final result?
In ten years we have made hundreds of pairs of wedding rings and it has only ever happened once, so the statistics are very unlikely. We are very careful to fully understand your intentions before you commit to the creation of the wedding rings and when we pick up a doubt we leave leeway and add an extra fitting appointment to double check before we finish the rings. 

We have chosen a design and we would like to order but we don’t have the possibility to come into the atelier and have our ring sizes measured.
No problem! Any good local jewelry store or goldsmith can measure your sizes, and we will find the correct conversion for the different international sizing scales.
Allow for eventual back and forwards shipping fittings (an extra 2-4 weeks, and eventual shipping costs) for any modifications that may occur. 

About materials!

We like the color of the rose 9ct gold. What is the difference between 9ct and 18ct rose gold?
The wearability and durability is the same as 18ct. The soft tone and color of the 9ct rose gold is unique and different from the “rose” color of 18ct rose gold which has a deeper copper tone.

Do you make wedding rings in silver?
We rarely make wedding bands in silver because we cannot guarantee the durability over a lifetime.
Upon request, we can make them in silver, and the “risks” are reduced on the chunkier designs

The wedding bands in 9ct rose gold costs less. Is 9ct available also in white and yellow gold?
The difference between 18ct and 9ct gold is the percentage (and therefor the cost) of pure gold mixed with the alloy to make the color of gold of your choice.
Pure gold is soft and malleable and gets mixed with an alloy to make it durable.
9ct gold alloys in white and yellow gold do exist but we tend not to use them because the color is, in our opinion, less pleasing.

What is the difference between normal 18ct gold and 18ct white gold with palladium alloy?
Normal 18ct white gold has a soft pale ochre tone. We don’t rhodiate our white gold unless specifically requested and so the natural ochre tone is a specific feature in your choice.
18ct white gold with palladium alloy has an unusual and enigmatic grey color, similar to steel. Palladium is considered a noble metal (as are gold and platinum) and therefor the cost of the final rings is higher than the regular 18ct white gold.
It is a love it or hate it solution. It is really very different from wedding ring solutions that you can find commercially. We, personally, love it!!

What about the rhodium plating on white gold?
Usually jewelry in 18ct white gold gets a polished rhodium plated finish, resulting in the white shiny jewelry associated with white gold. In realty, the “natural” color of white gold is a pale ochre color, not quite white, and definitely not yellow. We love this champagne Toine, and unless specifically requested, we do not rhodiate our white gold.

Can you rhodiate our rings?
We can, or rather the external laboratory that provides us this service can. It is a toxic process and we prefer not to house the chemicals and tools required. Bear in mind that the rhodium must be refreshed regularly to maintain the white color. We do not provide this service.

Most of your designs have a brushed mat finish. Does this wear off?
Yes, to a certain extent. Of course a wedding ring is for life, and we can refresh the brushed finish, but we mostly find that couples love their rings as they evolve, accepting the inevitable minor wear and tear.

Does the surface finish wear off the SOLID designs too?
No. These surface patterns have been deeply engraved into the surface of the metal and will stand the test of time.  

We like the idea of platinum wedding rings but would like to know the difference between white gold and platinum and why it costs more.
Platinum doesn’t get mixed with an alloy so the metal is 100% pure platinum. The specific weight is heavier than gold so the metal seems “denser” and the final weight is heavier than the same design in gold.
The craftsmanship involved in working platinum is highly skilled and more time consuming, only the most experienced makers will be able to tackle the job.
We love making wedding rings in platinum! The process is always challenging but the result is proportionately special.

Are the diamond set rings suitable for everyday use?
Of course, so long as you don’t garden or make bread with it on! We guarantee for life the stone set, and we use the most exquisitely skilled stone setter, so there shouldn’t be any problem. And if there is we will fix it!

Where do you source your diamonds and gold?
We supply our gold from an authorized and certified ethical gold bank in Milan and our diamonds from a certified gemologist who acquires his stock from registered traders in Antwerp. Ethical sourcing is a relevant part of our business and we choose our collaborators accordingly. 

Discover how we make our rings.

All our wedding rings are unique, one off pieces designed and hand crafted in our atelier on commission. We believe that objects, especially jewelry, have a 'soul' and carry with them a story. The care and attention dedicated to their making is, for us, as important as the design and aesthetic.
We apply different crafting techniques depending on the design. In the video below you can watch Mario making a Fluid 3 wedding ring in yellow 18ct gold  using an ancient technique of cuttlefish bone casting.

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