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Restyling, 2019

Brief design and make a ring using a family heritage heirloom aquamarine gem.

Bold, contemporary design referencing fine jewelry details, easy everyday wearability.

Materials  non rhodiated brushed white gold, diamonds and aquamarine gem

January 2019

The structured setting that takes it’s cue from the gem shape, an emerald cut 12ct aquamarine. The design has a confident, bold feel whilst being very comfortable and suitable for easy, everyday wear.

The opening in the rim contrasts the strength of the white gold and ethereal delicacy of the gem without compromising the security and wearability of the ring. The diamonds are set in a perfect line, like a brush stroke to enhance and define the overall shape.

We referenced a design that we made in 2009 for a emerald stone and adapted the proportions to the aquamarine. In the original design we left a yellow gold bezel setting around the gem because emeralds are extremely delicate.

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