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Solid 20 Slim

fede scolpita a mano in oro giallo con brillanti

Solid 20 Slim

Prices refer to January 2022 and may be subject to variatons.

This particular wedding ring has been enriched with diamonds. See the original ring in the Gallery below. It often happens that the bride falls in love with a design and wants to make it more personal with the addition of one, two or more diamonds. This unique wedding ring is a perfect example.

width 3 mm x thickness 1,9 mm.

Price (without diamonds)
- for the pair in 9kt rose gold, about 900€
- for the pair in 18kt yellow or white gold, about 1200€

All of our rings are made to measure and can be customized in shape, size and materials. Please feel free to enquire for a personalised, non binding quote.

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